Melody Joy

Melody Joy
Melody Joy

Friday, September 30, 2011

Fundraising Time

God is doing miraculous things as we walk through this adoption. I marvel at the timeline of this past month alone: getting our I797 approval from USCIS then getting our docs off to China and then receiving our speedy log in date all in a 9-day span! That has God’s fingerprints all over it.  When it comes to the expenses for this adoption we know God will do amazing things as well.  He already has.  The fees are definitely out of our league.  But we trust in God who is in a league all of His own.  The Bible story that comes to mind is Jesus and the loaves and fishes.  He took that boy’s lunch and fed 5,000 people.   I believe He can take our loaves and fishes and bring Melody home.  
Here is what we have to offer:
October Fundraisers
Fundraiser #1 Raffle of the “Starry Origami” Quilt and other great prizes!

There are 12 items included so far and more will be added soon!

Here are some of the fantastic items you can enter to win:

*“Starry Origami” Quilt *
*2 Regal Cinema Movie Tix * A $25 Gift Card from JoAnn’s* 
*TinkerBell Porcelain Doll * Joy Of Loving Teapot*
* Picture Frames * Starbucks House Blend Ground Coffee (20 oz size bag)* 
*God’s Got A Plan For Me CD * Worship Bible (IN SPANISH)*
And more….

Quilt tickets can be purchased for $10 each. 
Tickets can be purchased for $5 each for all other items.

Please email me at to let me know:
1. Which raffle items you would like to enter?
2. The number of entries that you would like for each item.

You can purchase tickets by mailing a check to:
Amador Alvarez
c/o Cottonwood Church
4505 Katella Ave
Los Alamitos, CA 90720

Feel free to email me with any questions that you may have.

Also, please let others know about this raffle!
Pass the link on to all your Facebook friends and Blog followers.   
All  the proceeds go towards bringing Melody home!

Thank you for all your support!!

 Raffle ends October 31st

 Post Script ~Please Note:
Under the "Acceptable Use Policy" you may not use PayPal / ChipIn 
to send or receive payments for activities that involve an entry fee and a prize, 
such as raffles, drawings and lotteries.

This is the reason for mailing in checks instead of using our Chip In button.

Let the Raffling begin....  

Item #1 Starry Origami Quilt

Item #2 Joy Of Loving Teapot

Item #3 $25 Gift Card to JoAnn's Fabrics

Item #4 The Ministry Of Motherhood Book (not brand new-but really good condition)

Item #5  Picture Frames (3 frames)

 Item #6 Little Girls Shoes (size 11)

Item #7 TinkerBell Porcelain Doll

Item #8 "God's Got A Plan For Me" CD

Item #9 Shirt and Tie (Size M 15-151/2 34/35)

Item #10 Worship Bible in SPANISH (Biblia De Adoracion)

Item #11 Regal Cinema Movie Tix (2)

Item #12 Starbucks Ground Coffee (20oz. bag)

 Item #13 Livvy 3 Necklace Gift Set

Item #14 Milla Gift Set

Fundraiser #2: Michelle’s Music for Melody!
 My wonderful friend Michelle Endicott has generously donated 100 copies of her 1st CD to us so we can sell them to help raise money for our adoption fees.  THANK YOU MICHELLE!  Michelle is a very gifted singer/songwriter.  She began writing songs for her children when they were very young and has been doing it ever since.  Her songs are lively, bubbly and catchy!  It makes for great listening in the car!  Remember the holidays are coming and it's a perfect gift for moms with young kids, homeschooling families, Sunday school teachers or just anyone who has a child like heart for Jesus! 
The suggested donation amount for each “God’s Got A Plan For Me” CD is $5!
You can send the check to 
Amador Alvarez
c/o Cottonwood Church
4505 Katella Ave
Los Alamitos, CA 90720

****Like I mentioned before, this is her first CD.  Her 2 other CDs will be released soon. Yay!  Until then hop on over to iTunes and download them. HERE The CDs are called “Books Of The Bible Songs” and “Memory Verse Songs,  Vol. 1 Do Not Be Afraid”.  THEY ARE FANTASTIC!!!!

Fundraiser #3:  Homemade Flans for all you local folks!!
(Please order at least one week advance.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Log In Date

We got our Log-In-Date today!
We were able to make it in before the big deadline.

Thank you to everyone for praying. WOW.

Friday, September 23, 2011

We are DTC!

Great news came today:  Our documents are on their way to China!  We are so excited!  A dear friend of mine said it best: YAHOO!!!!!!!  Please continue to pray with us for a super quick LID (log in date) that makes it by the Oct.1st deadline!  With God all things are possible!  

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Praise Report

We are praising God!  We got our I-797 approval!!
We got our approval in the mail yesterday!!!  Now we are on the lookout for the passport.   
Thank you everyone for praying! 

Monday, September 19, 2011


We need to send a shout out to the amazing family who donated the necessary funds to get our paperwork moving that much closer to China! THANK YOU! XIE XIE!  GRACIAS!  Love you guys! (you know who you are!!)  

Oct. 1st is approaching!

On  Oct. 1st some of China’s adoption requirements will change.
We are doing our best to get our paperwork logged in to China before that date!

Please help us pray that we make it.

Some specific prayers requests would be:

For my (Alexis’) passport to come in the mail SOON!!
Our I797 (immigration) approval. 
*I spoke with USCIS and our case hasn’t been issued an officer yet.
 Please pray for our case to be assigned an officer and that the officer would approve it speedily.  

Thank you for praying with us.