Melody Joy

Melody Joy
Melody Joy

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Family Art

Elijah loves to draw and here's his latest creation!!

Big "E" loves his FAMILY!!
(I love this boy!!) 

3rd Mommy

Angelina said to me a few days ago , "Mommy,  you are going to be Melody's 3rd mommy!" Her comment was so innocent-But oh how it pierced me.   My heart is aching.... 3rd mommy!!!....Thoughts are swirling in my mind and heart: "3rd times the charm?" " 3's a crowd?"  But I am choosing the voice of TRUTH: 3 is God's number:  Rising on the 3rd day....3 in 1 God.... Complete!  This is mommy is going to be the last one.  Her search for a family is complete!